Utility Truck Accessories

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When you work in a laborious field, your truck often can become an extension of your home and garage. Outside of the normal tools that are found in many trucks, there will generally be specialized tools and safety equipment that must be hauled in a utility truck. In most cases this is easily accomplished by having the bed replaced with a utility bed that allows for extra storage. However, this isn’t always possible, especially when the truck is also a daily driver or needed for use other than work.

When it’s not possible to have a full utility bed installed, or just to add on to what the truck and the tools it carries are capable of handling, there are a number of different brands of accessories to help out. The most common accessories are step rails so that the truck and all points on the truck are accessible. This can come in very useful when the bed of the truck is filled with toolboxes. These toolboxes often secure into the bed and allow ample storage space for all the tools of the trade. On top of the basics, there are many different accessories available from companies like Armor Deck and from websites like NBCTruckEquip.com.

Unfortunately, not all accessories are created equal and it’s important to research each company. Also, as a general rule anything that could get snagged on the ground should be made out of high quality steel to avoid breakage. A final aspect of a utility truck that is often overlooked is the paint and quality of the painting; a great choice for this would be a bed liner that offers protection from chips and scrapes while on the job.

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